Interstate 395 HOV Ramp & Auxillary Lane Widening - Alexandria, VA

AEG supported the delivery of the  I-395 HOV Ramp to Seminary Road and  I-395 Auxiliary Lane Widening project in the City of Alexandria. The  $55 million project involved the design-build delivery of the I-395 freeway, collectors and arterials to accommodate increased traffic in the vicinity of the Mark Center. 

Interstate 95 over Meherrin River - Emporia, VA

AEG provided roadway and traffic engineering services as a team member for the replacement of two bridges at I -95 over the Meherrin River in Emporia. The $22 million project involved replacing existing I-95 structurally deficient bridges with new bridges designed to current standards. 

Interstate 581 at Valley View Interchange - Roanoke, VA

AEG provided traffic engineering services for the delivery of I-581 at Valley View Interchange.   The $38 million project involved the implementation of a Diverging Diamond Interchange (DDI) to improve operations at the site.  The project also included an IMR, drainage, safety upgrades, guardrails, signing, striping, MOT/TMP, detours and a variety of coordination with stakeholders. 

Military Highway Widening & CFI - Norfolk, VA

AEG provided roadway and traffic engineering services during the delivery of Military Highway Widening & CFI improvements between Lowery Road and Robin Hood Boulevard within the City of Norfolk.  The urban improvement project involved the installation of Virginia's first Continuous Flow Intersection (CFI) and involved reconstruction and widening of the existing roadway.  The $60 million project also included multi modal and utility infrastructure upgrades. 

Dulles Corridor Metro-Rail, Phase 2 - Ashburn, VA

AEG performed roadway and traffic engineering services while supporting the delivery of Dulles Corridor Metro-Rail Improvement Project, Phase 2.  The $2.7 billion project included the development of design documents for an 11.5 mile of extension of the Dulles Rail from from Wiehle Avenue in Reston to Route 772 in Ashburn. The project encompassed five new train stations, drainage, storm water management, utilities, environmental constraints as well as architecture and a variety of engineering disciplines. 

Route 36 Widening - Prince George County & City of Hopewell, VA

AEG provided services for of the Route 36 Widening Design-Build Team. AEG provided civil engineering and quality control inspection services for the roadway widening and ramp realignment project. The $8 million project included the design and construction of approximately 1 mile of roadway on Route 36 from west of Sisisky Boulevard to Jefferson Park Road in Hopewell and approximately 0.5 miles of ramp realignment and improvements on Route 144. 

Mayo Bridge Feasibility and Replacement Study - City of Richmond, VA

AEG functioned as a member of the study team to provide the civil engineering services for the Mayo Bridge Feasibility and Replacement Study in the City of Richmond. The study provided rehabilitation and replacement alternatives for the historic Mayo Bridge in Downtown Richmond. 

Interstate 264 Pavement Rehabilitation - Virginia Beach, VA

AEG provided services as a team member for the I-264 Pavement Rehabilitation project between I-64 and the freeway terminal at Parks Avenue. The 10 mile project included concrete rehabilitation and patching, geometric evaluations, drainage evaluations, safety upgrades, barrier and guardrail modifications, signing, striping, MOT/TMP, detours, and a variety of coordination with stakeholders. The project valued $72 million.   

Route 76 (Powhite Parkway) Bridge Rehabilitation - City of Richmond, VA

AEG provided roadway and traffic design services for Martin Construction Corporation on the Route 76 Bridge Rehabilitation project in the City of Richmond.  The project involved the rehabilitation and upgrade of nine bridges along the corridor as part of the 2017 Richmond Metropolitan Authority (RMA) Bridge Rehabilitation program.